Today Jammu and kashmir Aadhaar association kashmir division held a strong protest demonstration against the govt here today

| ABD NEWS 24×7 / Suhail Baba | Association took this protest out of press colony Srinagar . The protesters were also adressed by some Aadhaar association leaders who lambasted the govt for not creating the job policy for Aadhaar operators and supervisors which is totaly injustice and discrimination against the well skilled and qualified youth. Protesters appealed the govt for creating the job policy for Aadhaar operaters and supervisors... State president Mr shahid Hussain threaten the govt if they didn't take any action they will go for indefnite hunger strike and also appeal the governor also personally look into the matter. The special motive of protesters was to engage of aadhaar workers through job policy and engage them as permanent employe...

2019-01-15 04:50:10 Suhail Ahmad Baba

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