Renovation of shiv mandir Gulmarg | SYED MUDASIR

The Army Battalion at Gulmarg with the help of locals repaired the structure of the shiv temple Gulmarg. The landscape and pathways leading to the temple were also redesigned and rebuilt. The shiv temple was constructed in 1915 by Maharani Mohini Sisodia wife of erstwhile Maharaja Hari Singh of J&K. The Shiv temple required extensive renovation since no restoration work had taken place since long. A large number of locals and tourists visiting the scenic town Gulmarg had expressed their desire to see the temple restored to its original state. Indian army has always maintained a closed connect with Awaam and took it as an opportunity to contribute to plural heritage of Kashmir. The renovated Shiv Temple was resurrected and reopened to the public on 01 June 2021. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ghulam Mohd Sheikh the caretaker of the Shiv temple said that the shiv Temple is a testimony to the pluralistic culture of Kashmir and its proud heritage. He further exhorted the Gulmarg community to continue doing community service without any religious prejudice and in true essence of Kashmiriyat.

2021-06-01 07:09:08 Suhail Ahmad Baba

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