Sunil Dimple leads anti pak rally, Pak, effigies burnt, appeals to cancel the Indo- Pak cricket match, appeals to PM Narender Modi to visit J&K, provide security to the minorities and migrate them to safer places. Dimple appealed to all the communities hindu, muslims, sikhs to unite and fight the war started by Pakistan militancy united. fresh exchange of firing between security forces and hiding militants in Bhataduriyan Forests of Mendhar in Poonch. محکمہ یوتھ سروس اینڈ سپورٹس کولگام کی جانب سے 72 لڈکوں کو ٹریکنگ کے لیے پہلگام کی طرف روانہ کیا گیا، جس میں ترقیاتی کمشنر کولگام ڈاکٹر بلال محدین نے ٹریکرئس کو ہری جھنڈی دیکھایئ، اس دوران یوتھ سروس اینڈ سپورٹس آفسر کولگام غلام حسن لون بھی موجود تھے Non-Locals in Kashmir ‘Gathered, Shifted to Safer Places. Hours after the killing of two non-locals in the Laram Ganjipora area of South Kashmir, the administration swung into action and shifted non-locals to safer destinations in several parts of Kashmir. Locals Condemned the Killings Of Non Locals and Paid their Anger The incidents of  Killings of Non local labourers from different parts of Kashmir  has Brought Fear in Non Locals and Large number of Non local labourers has Started Migration From Shopian to respective areas. Meanwhile the Killings spray of Non Locals Has Brought anguish and expressed their serious concern regarding the incidents. Covid 19 vaccination / Sampling awareness program conducted by Block Medical Officer Dr Masarat Iqbal Wani in collaboration with DLSA headed by Miss Fariqa Nazir sub Judge in ITI Bandipore where doctors, paramedics, Amt students and Ashas of Block Bandiora were presen District Bandipora legal authority

2021-10-18 08:38:39 Suhail Ahmad Baba

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