Army organised Free medical camp in remote area of shopian district, hundreds have been taken care off by the army and medical doctors.

In an attempt to provide basic health facilities to people residing in remote areas, the Indian Army 15 Garwal organized a medical camp at Moshwara area of Shopian, a remote village in the district. Army and civil Doctor's provided treatment to all patients hailing from far flung areas with inadequate Medical facilities espically They have been given and awarness about Diabetes and heart diseases“ the medical camp witnessed an overwhelming response from locals and around hundreds of persons from surrounding villages availed the benefit of free medical advice and medicine during the Camp,” The Doctors who were present have given a brief lecture on Controlling measures to stop Diabetes and other ailments, the area is lack of awarness because of non availability of medical services due to hilly terrain. In the said lecture doctor advise people what precautionary measures should be taken to be diabetic. Another army Doctor have given health awareness lecture on good health and hygiene including preventive measures against ailments like Diabetes,Renel failure and other diseases.. Appreciating the steps taken by the Army's 15 Garwal rifles to provide basic health facilities in such far-flung areas, the villagers demanded that more such medical camps should be organized across the area on a regular basis, as the Keller area is witnessing much snowfall.

2022-11-19 05:18:07 Suhail Ahmad Baba

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