Kashmir civil society group hails Narendra Modi, Imran Khan and U.S. President Donald Trump.

#AccurateBroadcastingDailyNews A civil society group on Thursday wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his Pakistan counterpart Imran Khan and U.S. President Donald Trump, hailing “their urge to address the Kashmir problem”. In the letter, members of the Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies, comprising the Valley’s prominent academics, professionals, doctors and businessmen, expressed “gratitude to Mr. Modi, Mr. Khan and Mr. Trump for showing a keen interest in resolving the world’s longest festering dispute through peaceful means”. Excellencies, there should be no doubt that the non-resolution of the dispute has taken a massive toll on the lives and resources like environment... The Armies of the two nuclear-armed nations are standing face to face, and a trivial confrontation can ignite a nuclear war. Can the U.S. and, for that matter, the whole world afford such a risk?” the letter said. It asked Mr. Trump to “initiate serious efforts in right earnest by addressing and reconciling, rather than managing temporarily or ignoring permanently, the differences the parties to the dispute have, in arriving at a fair and equitable solution”. Calling the three leaders “visionaries”, the letter said, “..And visionaries don’t care for opposition from the mundane, or the electoral mathematics back home. They care for history and plant seeds to save the world.” “We have a great hope, based on the American values of liberty and freedom, that your government will lend its unqualified and total support to the resolution of the dispute. Excellencies, you all are visionaries in your own right.

2019-07-25 23:15:38 Suhail Ahmad Baba

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