The Indian Army celebrated 74th Infantry Day here on Tuesday to commemorate the supreme sacrifices of the Infantry in countering the Pakistani raiders in Jammu & Kashmir in 1947. The celebration began with laying of wreath at the Sikh War Memorial by Army personnel as well as civilians of the area. During the conduct, Advocate Karnail Singh, a renowned civilian of Baramulla also addressed the gathering & narrated the incidents of atrocities by Pakistani raiders before arrival of Indian Army on 27th Oct 1947 to save Baramulla from the Kabbalis. The day is very significant in the history of Baramulla as on this day Pakistani tribals entered Baramulla & their greed & blood lust ravaged this placid town of Baramulla with a population of 14000. On same morning, 1st Battalion the Sikh Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Diwan Ranjit Rai arrived in Srinagar. Before arrival of Indian Army, Brigadier Rajinder Singh, Chief of Staff of Jammu & Kashmir State Forces had already made supreme sacrifice on 24th Oct 1947 & imposed a crucial delay to the raiders by taking up defences in Uri, 110 km from Srinagar & by blowing up a large girder bridge at the eastern exit of Uri. The prompt action of Indian Army saved Srinagar from falling into the hands of Pakistani tribals. The landing of 1st SIKH in Srinagar proudly celebrated as the Infantry Day & the celebration would be incomplete without mentioning Indian Army action since that day till liberation of Uri on 11 November 1947. 1st SIKH shed their first blood in the death of the Commanding Officer & seven soldiers, but not before the looters trail was stopped at Baramulla. It took many days for those despicable who were under the guidance of Pakistan regular officers to be probed to move forward. This delay gave the Indian Army time to prepare the ground at Shalateng for a decisive battle. Finally, the invaders had their “tryst” with soldiers of Indian Army on the morning of 07 November at Shalateng. In 20 minutes of bloodbath, 1st SIKH, 1st KUMAON & troops of 7 CAVALRY under 161 Infantry Brigade ensured that the pleasurable dreams of Pakistan became the worst nightmare which resulted into death of 634 of enemy between Shalateng & Baramulla. The “hounds” became the “hunted” & Baramulla was taken on 09 November & Uri on 11 November 1947. This day is not only dedicated to the sacrifices of Indian Army but we also to remember our civilian heroes like Maqbool Sherwani & many unknown civilians who fought hand in hand with the Indian Army to save Kashmir from falling into the hands of Pakistan. The Army & Awaam will remain committed towards a peaceful Kashmir & will fight against Pakistan sponsored terrorism & will ensure that their dreams of Kashmir turn into a nightmare whenever they look towards our Kashmir with an evil eye. The celebration culminated with a media interaction of Major General Virendra Vats, SM, VSM, GOC 19 Infantry Division where he remembered the gallant actions of Indian Army & the locals of Baramulla to save Kashmir from Pakistani tribal invaders. He also mentioned Brigadier Rajinder Singh, Chief of Jammu & Kashmir State Forces, who fought one of the bloodiest battle of recent time where he pitted 200 odd men against thousands of tribals & fought till last man last bullet.

2020-10-27 08:17:55 Ajaz Naik

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