Wearing mask mandatory even when driving alone, says Delhi HC. Adv Shahbaz Naik

New Delhi:- It is compulsory for people to wear a mask in a private vehicle even if they are driving alone, the Delhi High Court ordered today, ruling that a private vehicle on the roads is also covered under the definition of a public place. It dismisses pleas challenging imposition of challan for not wearing masks while driving alone in private vehicle amid Covid 19. The High Court said mask is like Suraksha Kavach which would prevent the spread of the virus. The Court also noted that wearing of masks is encouraged even within the home if there are elderly persons or persons with co-morbidities. The judgment was passed by a Single Judge Bench of Justice Prathiba M. Singh in a batch of petitions challenging the imposition of fines on those driving alone in their cars while not wearing a mask. All these petitions were dismissed as without merit today, with the Court observing.

2021-04-07 00:52:24 Ajaz Naik

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