Chandel said that Sinha Baba's bulldozers used to run on the houses of terrorists as well.

Ahead of assembly elections, Alibaba forty thieves are seeing their defeat Hinduist Sanatani BJP leader Mr. Raju Chandel, while talking to journalists in Jammu today, said that those who are considering Jammu and Kashmir as their fiefdom, now those leaders have lost their sleep because they have come from outside to vote in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian citizens have been given the right to vote, they have got the right to vote and contest elections, those who live outside Jammu and Kashmir come here and are either employed or tenant in the administration and they have rent. There is an agreement that all of them will be called the natives of this place, they have got the state subject's resident certificate, because of this, the gang of Alibaba forty thieves parties is completely shocked and they are seeing their defeat even before the assembly elections. Mr. Chandel said that on the lines of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Baba Yogi Adityanath, the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, our second Baba Mr. Manoj Sinha, should do the same thing as the glorious Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, by running bulldozers on the houses of mafia, rapists, goons, terrorists and razing them to the ground. In the same way, our respected Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Mr. Manoj Sinha ji should run bulldozers on the houses of terrorists, separatists and their supporters and raze their houses to the ground, only then the remaining terrorism will be completely eradicated from Jammu and Kashmir. Manoj Sinha ji will be the last attack on the remaining terrorism, if he shows his exploits by becoming the bulldozer baba of Jammu and Kashmir, only then the back of terrorism will be completely broken and terrorism will be eradicated from Jammu and Kashmir soon and Jammu and Kashmir will be free of terrorism. Mr. Chandel said that terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is counting its last breath, now it is necessary that Manoj Sinha ji runs the bulldozer of Yogi Baba in Jammu and Kashmir, then the last breath of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir will end completely and no terrorist will take up arms. wouldn't dare Mr. Chandel said that terrorists are continuously killing innocent Kashmiri Pandits and true patriot Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir, now it is necessary that Yogi Baba's bulldozers should be run on the houses of those terrorists and all their supporters and sleeper cells and separatists. but also Bulldozers should be used, now there is no need to show any mercy to the separatists of Jammu and Kashmir; Yogi Baba's bulldozer will end them now.

2023-03-04 00:24:32 Suhail Ahmad Baba

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