Chandel said that the work of smart city will start soon in J&K

Forcibly occupied government land in the name of Roshni Act will be free soon Hinduist BJP leader Mr. Raju Chandel while talking to the reporters in Jammu today said that with the successful organization of G-20, our Modi government in Jammu and Kashmir will soon develop all the tourist places more and more to make Jammu and Kashmir a smart city. They are going to work fast to beautify and fast action is going to be taken on those who had encroached government lands under Roshni Act or had given land to relatives of their partymen and Jammu and Kashmir more It is going to become like Singapore in terms of beauty, now terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is about to end completely, stone pelting has completely ended and after the successful G-20 event in Jammu and Kashmir, people from all over the world are investing in Jammu and Kashmir. In the coming time, Jammu and Kashmir will be established as the best tourist destination in the world along with employment. Mr. Chandel said that due to the untiring efforts of the glorious Prime Minister of the country Mr. Narendra Modi, today Jammu and Kashmir has played a very important role in getting its real identity and in the coming times there will be no dearth of employment in Jammu and Kashmir. And Jammu and Kashmir will have its own identity as the world's first and thrilling tourist destination. Mr. Chandel said that today 20 China in Pakistan and the people of Alibaba Chalis Chor Party gang in the country are stunned that how the Modi government successfully organized the G-20 inside Jammu and Kashmir and now the day is not far when the Indian public in Jammu and Kashmir There will be a government of the party and the power of the opposition will be clearly from Jammu and Kashmir. Mr. Chandel said that the land mafia separatist terrorist forces have been completely destroyed in Jammu and Kashmir and development is going to happen all around in Jammu and Kashmir. By the end of the year 2025, development will be seen all around in Jammu and Kashmir and the religious and tourist places of Jammu and Kashmir will be seen in a unique form.

2023-05-24 01:21:02 Ajaz Naik

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